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''Philadelphia pop-punk band The Things We Were is Van's wearing pop-punk anarchy of the early '00s in the best way possible. Rocket-fueled guitar riffs and unmerciful drumming are only a small part of the incredibly complex songwriting that makes this punk rock group so unique. Made up of dual vocalists Dylan Garforth (guitarist) and Thomas Jay (guitarist), Jonah Greenberg (bass) and Jake Siegel (drums), their latest single "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos" is a stunning showcase of the group's ability to navigate between catchy riffs, downtempo moments of introspection, and adrenaline-pumping SoCal-influenced pop-punk. While this is only the first release from their forthcoming debut album, Cloudy Kids, we should expect some big things from this promising group. ''


The Things We Were Take Us to Punk's Prime With, "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos"

Hailing from Philadelphia, the fiery pop/punk 4-piece The Things We Were drops their lively lovesick single "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos." Making up The Things We Were are; dual vocalists Dylan Garforth (guitarist) and Thomas Jay (guitarist), Jonah Greenberg (bass), and Jake Siegel (drums). Explaining that their single "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos" is the band's first angsty lovesick track, The Things We Were truly strike similarities to a prime 1999 Blink-182. Through exhilarating punk instrumentals that showcase the band's power, "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos" touches on the realization of needing to move forward from someone who keeps you stagnant and is in the way of your dreams.


Opening "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos" with filtered drums from Jake Siegel that gradually grow into a whole sound, we can feel the nostalgia surface immediately. Moving into flame-throwing melodies through Dylan Garforth and Thomas Jay's punchy electric guitars and Jonah Greenberg's melodic bassline, Dylan Garforth begins singing with incredible clarity and poise. The lyrics he brings forward highlight a troubled relationship, and not knowing where it might lead to while finding the inner strength to pick yourself up and leave. The Things We Were take the outro by storm and leaves "Plaid Shoes and Tattoos" with striking power that leaves us wanting more of the fiery 4-piece.